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Master complex processes easily

From the standardised robot cell to the tailor-made special automation solution, Engel precisely meets individual handling requirements. One special feature with Engel is that the robot control is a component of the injection moulding machine's CC300 control. This guarantees uniform operating logic throughout the entire production cell and exploits further efficiency potential. As the machine and robot access a common database, their movements can be coordinated precisely, which cuts cycle times in many applications.

The whole process is very easily and clearly visualised via the CC300 control panel of the injection moulding machine and can be controlled centrally using the panel. With the increasing complexity of manufacturing processes, this aspect is becoming increasingly important. Control integration reduces complexity and makes it easy, even for a machine operator with little experience, to master the process reliably and produce consistently high quality. "The shortage of skilled workers in the United Arab Emirates continues to worsen," Leitner reports. "With our Simplicity approach, we are helping our customers to further boost their competiveness."

Engel caps

In the manufacture of caps, efficiency is the most important driver of innovation.

New service base in Dubai

A deep understanding of local markets and individual customer requirements is a prerequisite for developing tailor-made injection moulding solutions. To ensure close proximity to its customers worldwide, Engel is continuously expanding its sales and service network. In the Middle East, the service team in particular has recently been expanded. Dubai now also has its own service base. Within the Engel Group, Engel has been able to recruit a very experienced technician for the emirate.

Source: Engel Austria GmbH

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