EREMA and its brand new product

Highly satisfied customers

A pilot COREMA® system with an output of 400 kg/h is already in use at a customer's plant near to the company's headquarters and EREMA operates a system of its own at the headquarters with 600 kg/h output. Dutch company Rodepa Plastics B.V is the best example of the huge interest in COREMA®. This company has been operating two EREMA recycling systems for a number of years and has noted increasing customer demand for filled recyclates over a longer period. Mark Langenhof of Rodepa explains: "This is why we looked very closely into compounding and had a look at what machines were available on the market. When we heard that EREMA covers this topic with their own product line we contacted them straight away." And the result: Rodepa is now moving into the compounding business with COREMA®. For Mark Langenhof the logical configuration of the system was convincing: "The recycled material is processed and filtered in the robust and proven cutter/compactor single-screw system. The clean melt then moves directly to the twin-screw unit which is available for a wide variety of compounding tasks.

All in all you can expect outstanding energy efficiency from this process. Besides this it is also important for us to have a strong partner by our side, especially in this field. Thanks to its excellent after-sales service EREMA is second to none and has been for many years." At the moment Rodepa mainly uses production PP for injection moulding applications – also in the automotive sector – and LDPE for film applications. In the future, however, the company intends to process more post-consumer material. Mark Langenhof on the future strategy: "New opportunities, new markets, new challenges!"

Ever since it was founded EREMA has always invested in research and design to be able to react to the demands of its customers at all times and is committed to solutions and close collaboration with customers. The new product COREMA® confirms once again the ongoing development of the company.

COREMA® - recycling and compounding in a single processing step

Technical benefits

- The patented, large EREMA cutter/compactor enables the flexible use of a wide variety of raw recycling materials
- Thanks to the proven, robust EREMA technology you can process inexpensive raw recycling material to make filtered melt
- Short, defined dwell times and direct dosing of the filtered melt in the twin-screw extruder minimise thermal stress
- Proven EREMA gas removal technology with the EREMA cutter/compactor and extruder gas removal
- The central control system interface for the entire system means compact and user-friendly operation

Economic benefits

- Using inexpensive raw materials (e.g. PP nonwoven, PE edge trim, PA fibres etc.) for the production of customised plastic compounds enables higher value added
- The direct dosing of the filtered melt and processing in a single step without intermediate cooling mean lower overheads and negligible specific energy costs
- The modular system concept offers optimum adjustment to the respective application
- Reliable production thanks to robust design
- Compact, space-saving design for even more cost savings
- NEW! ecoSAVE® reduces energy consumption by up to 10% and thus production costs and CO2 emissions at the same time