DSM invests in knowledge and innovation in the Netherlands

Together with regional organizations, the province of Limburg has made out a strong case for these investments. According to Mark Verheijen, Provincial Executive member for economic affairs, this is a huge boost for the ambitions Limburg has for the Chemelot Campus: "Through innovation we want to develop Limburg into a flourishing region of international importance that offers good living and working conditions. These investments show that DSM and Limburg look forward to this picture of the future with full confidence."

The Delft-based DSM Biotechnology Center supports the innovation processes of DSM Food Specialties, DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals, DSM Biobased Products & Services and DSM BioSolutions. The new laboratory in Delft will house the R&D processes of the DSM Biotechnology Center, offering working space for 285 people and meeting the highest standards for biotechnological research. The province of South Holland contributes to the realization of the research building in the form of an agreement under which there will be scope for the development of an open campus on the DSM site. This will give biotech start-ups a place for rapid growth in the Northern part of Delft. A number of facilities in the new building will also be available to these companies.

Hans-Christian Ambjerg, president of DSM Food Specialties: "DSM Food Specialties has chosen an aggressive growth strategy in which innovation plays a key role. Delft is a very important location for DSM Food Specialties’ biotechnological research, which offers innovations with high added value to our worldwide customers for new innovative products for the food industry, such as the recently introduced new food enzymes for the bakery and beer-brewing industries. The site in Delft is the cornerstone of our global innovation network. The addition of a new state-of-the-art laboratory to our DSM Biotechnology Center not only enables us to leverage and reinforce the competences there, but also makes us an even more attractive employer for biotechnological talent."

Besides realizing a new laboratory in Delft, DSM also is a partner in the recently opened ‘Bioprocess Pilot Facility’ (BPF) on the DSM site in Delft. This consortium, in which DSM, CSM/Purac and Delft University of Technology collaborate, boasts facilities for upscaling biotechnological processes that can be used for both R&D and educational purposes. The BPF is of key importance for upscaling fermentation and purification processes as well as for the pretreatment of vegetable residues to convert them into fermentation feedstock, for instance as used for second-generation biofuels.

The BPF is an open facility in which other companies, universities, institutes, etc. can conduct their upscaling research for bio-processes. DSM, CSM and Delft University of Technology are joining forces to create a world-class facility for testing new bio-processes that are upscaled from laboratory and pilot plant to industrial production. Thanks to a joint contribution from the province and municipalities of South Holland the BPF will also be available for use by smaller start-ups.

Govert Veldhuijzen, Provincial Executive member for economic affairs: "With DSM’s investment and the expansion of possibilities for small biotech companies in Delft we are making a major step in the development of a bio-based cluster of a European scale in our region. This is the first result in the implementation of the economic agenda for Zuidvleugel, the southern part of the Randstad conurbation, which we started at the end of November last year. It is a very apt illustration of good cooperation by industry and government in innovation policy. I am very pleased with this."