DSM Engineering Plastics presents Stanyl ForTii

DSM Engineering Plastics has unveiled the trade name under which it is to launch its latest high performance polymer for use in electronics and other applications.

At a special naming ceremony today in Sittard, The Netherlands, the global leader in high temperature polyamides announced that the new polymer will be known as Stanyl® ForTii™. Key customers from various industries in the US, Europe and Asia have been involved in the naming process.

As part of the Stanyl family, ForTii (previously announced as PA4T) is a totally new halogen free, flame retardant, high temperature polyamide which extends the portfolio for high performance engineering thermoplastics. Stanyl ForTii offers a step-change with a unique balance of properties to meet today’s need for smart innovation. The properties mix includes excellent dimensional stability, compatibility with lead free reflow soldering, highest stiffness and mechanical strength at extreme temperatures. Due to its broad processing window and high flow, Stanyl ForTii has excellent processability. In proven customer applications, the balance of dimensional stability, high mechanical and thermal performance and exceptionally low moisture uptake outpaces those of existing polymers.

New Stanyl ForTii joins the outstanding range of Stanyl products and meets market needs for lead free soldered surface mount devices such as circuit boards used in personal computers, as well as the current move towards halogen free electronics. It facilitates the ongoing trend towards further miniaturization, higher data transfer rates and convergence of electronic devices like cell phones, GPS navigators and computers. It will also assist automakers and the aerospace industry in continued weight reduction efforts for better fuel efficiency and lower costs.

Business Group Director of DSM Engineering Plastics Roelof Westerbeek says: - Thanks to its high melting point, extreme stiffness over a wide temperature range and high glass transition point, ForTii is like a diamond in the world of plastics. Its unique balance of characteristics make it highly suitable for electronics applications such as memory card connectors or notebook computer memory module connectors where today’s materials such as LCPs increasingly face warpage issues. In automotive markets, the material will be able to support new developments in under the hood applications for automotive electrical systems, air/fuel and powertrain components. In the lighting industry, customer trials have revealed an excellent fit for housing and modules of LEDs due to high reflectivity and highest temperature stability.

Following successful initial trials with customers, DSM Engineering Plastics opened a market development plant in the Netherlands in 2008. This has provided significant quantities of the polymer for pre-marketing. Customer trials have been extended, with continued positive results and various full functional and commercial customer approvals.

Roelof Westerbeek: - We are making excellent progress and are well on schedule in bringing Stanyl ForTii to the market and to extend the number of applications where high performance polyamides can be effective.

He adds: - Stanyl ForTii will provide customers with the opportunity to re-consider their designs and material choices, effectively replacing other materials such as LCP. It expands the application range of Stanyl to applications with surface mount technology and will help customers to achieve higher performance in their applications and meet current and upcoming requirements of original equipment manufacturer. With an entirely halogen free portfolio, this development will support green initiatives such as lead free soldering and improved fuel economy.

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