Cove­stro and Albis de­liv­er­ing plas­tics for face masks

Cove­stro and Albis de­liv­er­ing…

Amid the global COVID-19 crisis, Covestro and ALBIS are committed to doing all they can to make materials available for urgently needed respirator masks, ventilators, and protective eyewear.

“Efforts to ensure adequate medical care have greatly increased the demand for medical equipment,” says Stephan Schoen, Director Business Line Distribution Technical Polymers at ALBIS. “However, many suppliers and manufacturers are battling bottlenecks in global delivery chains as well as limited transport capacities. Knowing how urgently the end products are needed motivates our teams even more to keep raw materials supply, production, and delivery processes running smoothly, so that the increased demand can be met with as few complications as possible.”

Their efforts are focused on securing logistics related to the warehouses from which materials are distributed all over Europe. ALBIS’s Hamburg location also has its own medical compound production lines, which are currently running full speed ahead.

“Our solid, reliable cooperation with our longtime partners at Covestro are a crucial factor there,” Schoen adds.

“Times of crisis such as these truly highlight the importance of plastics as a valuable, versatile material for a wide variety of essential applications,” says Achim Gustorf, Head of the Distribution Division Polycarbonates in Europe at Covestro. “We at Covestro do everything we can to support our customers in the development of material solutions and the supply of raw materials. Our partnership with ALBIS has once again proven its strength in this regard, as it has enabled us to react to these changing circumstances with the necessary speed.”

The Leverkusen-based plastics producer offers a wide range of solutions from the Makrolon®, Bayblend®, Makroblend® and Apec® product groups. These materials are characterized by crystal-clear transparency and good chemical resistance, among other things. Many types are approved for medical uses.

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