Comprehensive recycling solution with throughputs up to 10t/hr for the plastics industry

Comprehensive recycling solution…

Our expertise in downstream equipment enables us to meet the rigorous demands of the virgin polymer industry. This is why MAAG is also regarded as an important partner to the recycling industry; delivering energy efficiency, productivity and product quality. Our solutions save resources through smart design, compact construction and durability of components.

MAAG Group's downstream equipment recycling systems help users to quickly and efficiently remove heavy contaminants such as paper, aluminum and wood to produce reusable pellets. MAAG equipment is the right choice for mechanical, chemical and advanced recycling.
MAAG Downstream Equipment recycling systems are coordinated to each other, and can be operated via our proprietary control system.

Modern recycling systems must be capable of handling feedstock of varying quality grades.  With this in mind, the EX125-6 recycling pump provides precise, uniform pressure for downstream filtration and pelletizing over a wide range of feedstock inputs.

MAAG Group recycling system

At the heart of Maag recycling systems is the Ettlinger Recycling melt filter, a continuous-running high-performance melt filter. Melt with contamination content of 16% and particle s up to 4 mm can be pumped into the filter for removal and discharge. Our ECO 1000 achieves throughputs up to 10,000 kg/h depending on filter fineness ranging from 60 µm to 1800 µm.

Both ERF and ECO series are capable of filtering almost any polymer used in recycling operations, in the production of recycled pellets, sheets and films, strips and fibers, or in the compounding industry.

All Ettlinger Recycling melt filters operate continuously, keeping the volume and pressure of the melt stream constant. This avoids increasing extruder speed, and as a result, cuts energy consumption by as much as 30%.

After filtration, underwater and strand pelletizing ensures a perfect pellet shape for the recycled resin. The benefits and innovations seen in the latest PEARLO model embody Maag's advances in underwater pelletizing founded on the decades of experience of both Gala and Automatik. The result is a highly uniform spherical pellet with low fines content.

High-performance melt filters remove impurities and contaminants from the recycling melt stream