Chinaplas to choreograph three great concurrent events

"Design x Innovation" enlightens the upstream and downstream sectors

Enterprise transformation and upgrading calls for industrial design innovation. Since its inception, "Design x Innovation" has attracted a lot of attention. As visitors' needs get more sophisticated, the event itself gets more vibrant - "Innovation Gallery", "Open Forum", "Meet the Designers" are the programs which introduce success stories of innovative industrial designs to visitors, who gain inspirations on application of new materials and at the same time discuss and exchange solutions face-to-face, further creating value.

At the "Design x Innovation" event in 2016, the "Innovation Gallery" showcased a wide range of creative products for use in everyday life, for example, in the stadium, and at transportation hubs, among which the e-floater received great attention. This solar-powered electric scooter could help solve the "Last Mile" problem when applied to short-distance travel in the city. 80% of its materials come from BASF composites and plastics, thereby reducing weight and increasing flexibility in design.

On the other hand, innovative products such as Elastopave permeable pavement, Running track with ETPU+EPDM composite, artificial turf, air fryer, Volvo integrated leather PU engine sound absorbing decorative covering and other innovative products have left visitors deeply impressed.

In addition, nearly 400 professionals also participated in five "Open Forum" sessions, "tasting" the "delicious chicken soup" prepared by 16 "heavyweight" speakers.

"Plastics, especially new materials, continue to emerge, providing enormous help to the designing process," remarked one of the speakers, Mr. Lian Zhen, General Manager of LKK Design Co., Ltd., Shanghai, in the interview after his presentation.

"During its many years of development, plastics have been inspiring and providing an increasing number of possibilities of designs, including innovations in the upstream and downstream industries, which focus on plastics and injection, and have enriched our imagination, realizing creative ideas that once could only be dreamt but not tried."

"The ‘Design x Innovation' open forum is a relatively new format, allowing exchanges between creative designers and technical personnel, through which different sectors manage to understand each other's needs and demands, and leads to better co-operation. I learned a lot from them."

"Meet the Designers" provided more opportunities for interaction and cooperation between industrial designers and end-users. Many acclaimed designers were present. Experienced industrial designers and user enterprises looking for product design came into direct communication, enlightening each other, answering questions and discussing cooperation possibilities concerning product designs. What wonders is "Design x innovation" 2017 going to bring to the industry? Stay tuned!


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