Chinaplas to choreograph three great concurrent events

Chinaplas to choreograph three…
Chinaplas' exciting concurrent events, in which industrial giants share their experiences and attendees gain insights into industrial trends, have always been the highlight of the trade fair, and well received by exhibitors and visitors alike.

Chinaplas 2017 will be held in Guangzhou from May 16 -19. Not only will more than 3,300 exhibitors introduce innovative solutions for the plastics and rubber industries, but also will the organizer hold a wealth of concurrent events to meet the industry's multiple needs.

Focusing on the theme of "Intelligent Manufacturing, High-tech Materials, Green Solutions", the organizer of Chinaplas, Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., will administrate three big concurrent events during the exhibition: the 2nd "Industry 4.0 Conference", "Design x Innovation", and the "3rd Medical Plastics Conference". Visitors can expect to grasp the cutting-edge technologies and inspiring case studies in these events, allowing them to hop on the bandwagon and understand market dynamics from multiple dimensions, explore more valuable opportunities for collaborations and expand networks to facilitate development.

Industry 4.0 is the prime focus

China has quickly become the world's second largest national economy, and labour costs have risen sharply. It is no longer a low-wage cost country - all kinds of cost pressures force businesses to opt for more automation equipment and advanced technology in the production processes.

According to Mr. Stanley Chu, Chairman, Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., China is still a developing country, and has not yet fulfilled the necessary conditions for industrial 4.0.

"Only a few companies are making use of networking production technologies. Industry 4.0 is still a vision for many Chinese companies, but an attainable one, and attainable in the foreseeable future, if it is desired that something be done to cope with cost pressures." It is to this end that Chinaplas 2017 gives Industry 4.0 top priority.

The 2nd Industry 4.0 Conference, presented with the support from VDMA, the German Engineering Federation, will be held in the afternoon of May 16, in the morning of May 17 and in the afternoon of May 18, 2017, in Conference Room 1, Level C, Zone B, China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou. As a "signature dish" dedicated to visitors, the conference will provide practical and operational solutions for enterprises targeting urgent manufacturing upgrade. Industry 4.0 will eventually move towards the direction of customized, small batch production, which are also the characteristics of additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology which meet the demands for the development of more personalized products. This is the long-term goal of Industry 4.0.

At the 1st edition of Industry 4.0 Conference, Arburg introduced the technology of additive manufacturing, which will be presented again at the sequel in greater depth and breadth. The Industry 4.0 Conference held last year not only brought together world renowned enterprises such as Arburg, KraussMaffei, Engel, Wittmann Battenfeld, Beckhoff, Volkswagen AG, Haier, and SAP to give presentations, but also attracted nearly 600 local and overseas professionals, who were generally satisfied, and looked forward to more case studies of Industry 4.0, which, combined with their own businesses, would promote the intelligentization of their factories, enhancing production efficiency, improving product quality and achieving lean production status. "The Industry 4.0 Conference was well received by members of the Association, and the delegates agreed that there was quite some useful details," commented by the Anhui Plastics Industry Association. "We realized that Industry 4.0 is not an achievement overnight, but systems engineering of long-term hard work and perseverance in integrating theory and practice."

Furthermore, the Smart Manufacturing Technology Zone, a showcase of cutting-edge automation technologies, will provide a boost to the movement from "Made in China" to "Smartly Made in China."