Celanese at K 2013

Celanese at K 2013
Celanese Corporation announced a first for the K Trade Fair exhibit this October in Duesseldorf, Germany. The global technology and specialty materials company will showcase the full scope of its highly-diversified products designed to help drive innovation in mobility, water, energy and infrastructure, healthcare and consumer products.

"The Celanese engineering polymers business, Ticona, has a long history of presenting innovative products and applications at the K Trade Fair. For K 2013, attendees will see the full scope of the Celanese innovation offering, from advanced materials to consumer specialty products that hold leading positions in industries served worldwide," said Maria Ciliberti, Celanese vice president of sales - Europe, Middle East and Africa. "We will show how our highly-diversified materials can provide solutions that help customers manage the megatrends that will shape a broad range of end-use applications."

Whether for transportation, consumer, energy, water or healthcare, the advantages of engineered materials - parts consolidation, cost reduction, performance, functionality, appearance, durability and recyclability - will be on display at the Celanese K 2013 exhibit:


With the push for lighter and more efficient vehicles, weight and cost reduction can be achieved with innovative structural and functional components that rely on light, cost-effective, engineered materials.

Various applications will be on display to illustrate how these materials help transportation customers optimize the balance of functionality, performance, aesthetics and cost. These highly engineered materials allow designers to consolidate parts into a single component, which can eliminate assembly and secondary machining operations and improve part quality; and achieve stylish, contemporary designs.

The exhibit will include:
  • The JEC Innovation Award-winning AgustaWestland thermoplastic composite helicopter tailplane.
  • Innovative solutions for automotive powertrain, advanced fuel systems and interior and exterior components.
  • The expedition sled, or Pulka, used in "Mission Icefox".
As a highlight, the two extreme athletes, Eric Folz, an engineer at Ticona, and Mike Fuchs, a professional photographer, who successfully completed the three-week trip to the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen in April, will provide insights on their Arctic expedition and experiences with the "Polymers-on-Ice" Pulka, manufactured using Celstran unidirectional continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFR-TP) and GUR ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE).


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