Campetella - best Fakuma exhibition ever

Pipe and hose extrusion

Campetella has a very long 35 years history in coiling machinery for 25-50 mm diameter extruded irrigation pipes and water hoses, an area which also now has shown worldwide explosive growth in all industrial countries, “so we will establish our own business unit for this“, Marconi revealed. The company’s SCARA robots additionally pack and stack these items. Although coiling machinery calls for different automation than with injection moulding, “the downstream automation is the same, with the same know-how, so it’s an example of allowing modular systems to be used for a number of different industries”, Marconi added.

Event preparations

The preparation for the next trade shows for the major plastics industry have already started, such as Fakuma, Plast/Milano, Plaspol, Interplas, NPE etc. and the forthcoming K 2022, where Campetella continues to exhibit “with a strong presence” in Hall  12, in the company’s 125th anniversary. This involves finding projects and working with renowned injection moulding (or extrusion) machinery producers on what is to be shown, companies calling Campetella their “first choice partner for innovative integrated post-moulding solutions.”

The latest CRC2020 Campetella Robotic Calling open house in Montecassiano also took a lot of organisation and effort in running it through the entire month of October 2020, with more than 400 visitors attending – which also had an impact on the excellent preparation and effect of Fakuma 2021.


Main Fakuma exhibits – more productivity in less space

“This IML plant is one of a kind”, explains Reiner Schmid, Arburg’s Senior Application Manager Packaging, “it is an extremely compact, fast, efficient and reliable packaging solution.” Modula Twin Maxi – IML&stack moulding on an Arburg IMM (stand A3 - 3101): Fully automated system for simultaneous IML production of containers and lids on a 2-level stack mold, that would normally require two separate IMMs, molds and automations. Maxi Twin is designed for IMM up to 12.000 kN.   Total cycle time at the fair:  5,5 s. Interlock time: 1,6 s. The two different parts are produced in a 4 + 4-cavity mould on a hybrid ALLROUNDER 1020 H “Packaging”. The carbon fibre arms reduce vibrations while guaranteeing excellent label positioning. The full-servo label feeder made of carbon fibre perfectly fits both the 5-sided and flat labels. The rotary table on the label magazine allows easy and safe label refilling while the robot is in operation. After checking each side of both containers and lids, a 7-camera system rejects only the non-compliant parts.  Just past the quality control system, the octagonal containers and lids are aligned and stacked (Scara X-Series SPIN 2) on the discharge belt face down to guarantee immaculate hygiene.

Modula W – IML & stack moulding on an Engel IMM (stand A5-5204): Fully automated system for IML production of margarine tubs on a 2-level stack mold, designed to reduce footprint on the ground while maximizing productivity. Campetella robot: high-speed side entry robot for stack moulding, Modula W, for IMM up to 4.500 kN. Total cycle time at the fair:  4,7 s. Interlock time:  1,2 s. The tubs are produced in a 4 + 4-cavity mould and stacked face down – with the Scara X-Series SPIN 2 – for immaculate hygiene. Minimal footprint: the vertical feeders for 5-sided labels are extremely compact to optimize the space available. No axis vibrating: the robot’s carbon fibre arms reduce vibrations while guaranteeing excellent label positioning. An in-line inspection system makes sure that the quality of stacked tubs is perfect.

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