CELAB-Europe launches new web hub for liner recyclers

CELAB-Europe launches new…

CELAB-Europe, a collaboration of the whole self-adhesive label value chain, has announced the launch of their new website that includes an interactive map that lists liner and matrix recyclers in Europe. Next to brand owners and other label users in general, especially waste managers and HSEQ representatives of production sites are the target audience for the recycling information.

"Liner and matrix waste are by-products of the self-adhesive or pressure-sensitive label industry. The liner is an integral part of the self-adhesive label ensuring that the labels can be produced and dispensed in an efficient manner", says Ophélie Gourdou, the project coordinator for CELAB-Europe. "And these are valuable materials that need to go back into the production circle. With the support of internal and external industry professionals, CELAB-Europe has validated a number of solution providers for the collection and/or recycling of used release liner and matrix materials in Europe."

The focus is mainly on paper liner recyclers but in the future recyclers of other materials such as PET liner (Polyethylenterephthalat) and paper- and film-based matrix are expected to increase as the map will be regularly updated. Recyclers, that see that they are not listed there yet, can use the website to contact CELAB-Europe to enter the qualification process.

Visit the newly launched page to find more information on liner and matrix materials and how they can be recycled: CELAB Europe - Towards a Circular Economy for Labels (celab-europe.org).

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