Bio-Fed and Piramidal sign distribution agreement for Brazil

Bio-Fed and Piramidal sign…

Bio-Fed is a branch of Akro-Plastic GmbH, member of the Feddersen Group and an expert in developing and producing biodegradable and/or biobased compounds under the brand name M·VERA®. This grade range consists of biodegradable compounds, most of them are also partially to fully biobased. Matching sustainable color, black and additive masterbatches with the brand name AF-Eco® can also be provided.

The portfolio was expanded with ISCC PLUS and REDcert² sustainable-certified compounds made from biomass-balanced PP. For these product lines M·VERA® PPH and M·VERA® PPC, there are specific AF-CirColor®, AF-CirCarbon® and AF-CirComplex® masterbatches based on biomass-balanced carrier material.

"We see Brazil as an emerging market for sustainable plastic products and want to gain a presence in this market with the help of our new distribution partner”, says Dr. Stanislaw Haftka, Sales Director at Bio-Fed. "With Piramidal, we have a competent and experienced partner at our side in this region who has a strong network in various industries in Brazil", Haftka continues.

Piramidal is one of the Brazilian leaders in the thermoplastics distribution market. Offering a complete portfolio of resins with focus on excellence and innovation, Piramidal is a solution provider for the Brazilian plastic value chain. The Circular Solutions business unit launched in 2021, has a wide range of sustainable products and services that combine the preservation of the environment and economic growth.

“The partnership with Bio-Fed is an important step in our strategy to bring complete sustainable solutions to the market. Bioplastics have huge growth potential in the coming years, and together we will be able to support our customers on this path.” says Fábio Koutchin, Circular Solutions Manager at Piramidal.

Piramidal will distribute the complete M·VERA® product range for blown film extrusion, injection moulding, extrusion and thermoforming applications in Brazil, as well as the matching masterbatches.

Bioplastics on their way to the Brazilian market