Being more competitive in the edgebanding estrusion

Being more competitive in…

Good sales reports confirm the position of Amut Group as skilled supplier of high-level technology extrusion lines for edgebanding application.
“Last year we acquired four new customers Europe based, one important player in China purchased two lines and other two customers confirmed second line order. To achieve these good results and to keep our leadership we are committed to update our technology constantly” says Mr Fernando Morandi, Sales Manager of Amut Group and expert of this kind of extrusion lines.

ABS edgebanding production with Amut double venting extruder excludes any predehumidification treatment normally applied in case of hygroscopic materials, like ABS.  Thanks to a special double venting screw design it is possible to reach perfect quality product with no extra costs and low energy consumption. The extruder has a 52L/D ratio and can process as well the latest PP edgebanding.

One exclusive advantage of Amut technology is based on the flexibility of changing the surface finishing on final product. Amut unique solution for post-embossing of the edgebanding surface has been upgraded and today it allows the changeover of embossing pattern in few seconds without any production loss or extrusion speed reduction. “The new post-embossing solution has been supplied to an important European Customer that confirms full achievement of the expected savings in production cost”, says Fernando Morandi.

Furthermore, in case of “Super Glossy Surface Product”, where a special central calender roll is required, the embossing roll can be changed in less than 30 minutes.

A new generation of software control systems is now available on Amut lines. The operator sets the recipe data and the Amut software processes all adjustments in automatic mode ‘till the line reaches the desired output and working conditions. Even the speed is automatically controlled according to the width and thickness of the foil to be produced. The operator intervention is reduced to minimum.     Amut all-in approach to line supply includes high level evaluation of customer requirements, proposing tailor-made machines for specific applications, end-line systems and special units upon request.

Source: Amut Group