BASF invites to rethink materials at K show

An e-bicycle as "thought experiment"

Bicycles made almost entirely from plastic have existed for a long time. What has not existed to date is a concept e-bicycle that incorporates as many different, and sometimes very innovative plastic types, that contribute their specific benefit. On the basis of the Performance Materials platform formed in January 2013 to consolidate plastics from polyurethanes through thermoplastics, foams, epoxy resins and composite products, BASF is exhibiting a concept bicycle to demonstrate potential capabilities: conceived by the design agency DING3000, the "Concept 1865 - Rethinking Materials" e-bike utilizes more than 20 different BASF plastics. Why 1865? BASF was founded in the year that the first pedal bicycles appeared: This is why the functional and ready-to-ride bicycle design study has taken the shape of a historic high-seat bicycle. It embodies a "thought experiment" on the subject "Rethinking materials". The vehicle is an invitation to customers to challenge established products and to develop together with the company new application ideas for mobility and urbanization on the basis of modern plastics.

The "sit down. move." auto seat prototypes

At the K 2013, BASF will exhibit to the general public for the first time the prototypes of three winning concepts from the first global "sit down. move." design competition for automobile seats. As announced in March 2013, the company has had full-scale models of the three winning prototypes from the concept study produced and is now exhibiting these objects to visitors attending the trade fair. The prototypes are based on designs from Song Wie Teo (University of Coventry, UK), Joonyoung Kim (College for Creative Studies, Detroit, USA) and Pantila Debhakam (design agency shakes bkk, Bangkok, Thailand), and are characterized by a combination of creativity and an understanding of BASF materials.

Kitchen element from Blum

The new "Servo Drive" concept from Blum can be experienced firsthand in a transparent kitchen cell: the smooth, damped and in the meantime electrically powered opening and closing of drawers and flaps requires guide rails and elements with demanding sliding properties. This is where the engineering plastics Ultraform (POM) and Ultramid (PA) are applied.

BASF at K 2013

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