BASF at Fakuma 2014

Medical technology: First application of Ultraform PRO in Skin Stretcher

Ultraform S2320 003 PRO (polyoxymethylene), specially developed by BASF to meet the particular requirements of the medical technology sector, has made an impressive debut in the Skin Stretcher product from BioWim GmbH, primarily for its reduction of the friction between touching functional components, the combination of high rigidity with outstanding resilience as well as very good flowability. The material also provides demonstrated compliance with international standards for the use of plastics in medical technology. Skin Stretcher is an implement for treating or closing large wounds after operations or accidents.

Rethinking Materials - a concept-bicycle as an experiment

Rethinking Materials – this is the thought experiment posed by BASF and the design agency DING 3000 which led to the "Concept 1865" bicycle. At Fakuma, BASF's designfabrik will be displaying the functional and ridable bicycle design study - a bike that takes on the appearance of the penny-farthing bicycle that was popular at the time of BASF's founding in 1865. The electric bicycle incorporates over 20 different, in some cases very innovative, plastics, from polyurethanes to thermoplastics, foams, epoxy resins and composite products that BASF subsumes under the heading "Performance Materials." For example, the tire base material for the bicycle is composed of the world's first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane Infinergy from BASF. It is light, durable and very elastic. The material had already proven its outstanding resilience and exceptional long-term durability in the midsole of the Energy boost running shoe from Adidas. Also advantageous in tires: the low density as well as the tear- and temperature-resistance of Infinergy.

Masterbatch preparations

BASF Color Solutions is once again represented at the BASF stand this year and will be presenting a wide spectrum of masterbatch applications for coloring and stabilizing plastics, also in cooperation with other BASF units.

One focus is the coloring of engineering polymers. With processing temperatures of up to 350°C, temperature-resistance is an especially crucial factor. The masterbatches of the Sicoversal X series, which were optimized for the Ultradur plastics from BASF (polybutylene terephthalate), are present in the displayed fiber-optics cables and the newly developed coffee capsules at the coffee bar. Special types approved for medical applications are also available. The displayed lightweight and yet robust airplane trolley made of Ultrason (polyarylsulfones) is an example of the use of Sicoversal X masterbatch in the transport sector.

In the construction sector, BASF Color Solutions puts its many years of experience to use in the permanent coloring of wood-plastic composites, which are visible in the floor elements of the BASF stand. The stand's chairs are also a BASF complete solution in which the Sicopas masterbatch colors the Ultramid SI plastic.

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