BASF: Metal removed from the Equation

The primary load cases provide the basis for a front end design; from these, an optimized topology can be derived. This topology gives the designer valuable information regarding the final shape of the part. Thanks to the highly accurate predictions of Ultrasim, only slight modifications were needed in moving from the prototype of the front end carrier to its serial production. This demonstrates the kind of challenging applications that can be addressed by combining a suitable material with the correct prediction and calculation tools.

Furthermore, Ultrasim, together with its special failure models, can be integrated seamlessly into the calculation environment for the automaker's entire vehicle. This requires, however, that very specific, e.g. crash-relevant material data for the plastic, be available which describe exactly the effect of temperature, moisture and rate of load application. A simulation is thus preceded by acquisition of extensive material data from experiments conducted with the aid of complex testing and measuring instruments. The simulation tool is then able to predict failure behavior, strain rate dependence, and even tension-compression asymmetry as a function of fiber orientation.


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