Ascend announces new agreement for European distribution of PA66 resins

Ascend announces new agreement…

Ascend Performance Materials, the world’s largest fully integrated producer of polyamide 66 resins, announced today an agreement with thermoplastics distributor Resinex for the distribution of its Vydyne® PA66 resins. Ascend’s resins are used in the production of thousands of applications in the automotive, electrical and electronics, and consumer and industrial industries.

“Customers using Vydyne often require specialized, highly technical products,” said Christelle Staller, Ascend’s European sales director. “Having the right distribution partner with a keen technical focus is critical to ensuring that each customer gets the best possible support on both a commercial and technical level.”

Resinex, a pan-European distribution company, will supply customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Nordic countries, UK, Ireland, France, East Central Europe, Russia, Turkey and South Africa as an official representative of Ascend.

“The wide reach of Resinex in the European thermoplastic market supports Ascend’s growing European distribution model and better equips us to serve our customers efficiently,” said Staller. “We are excited to start this relationship with Resinex and look forward to delivering on our commitment to supply high-performance products and unmatched customer service.”

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