Arburg Energy Efficiency Award 2015

Arburg Energy Efficiency Award offers affirmation and motivation

Dominique Roullet-Revol, Chief Operations Officer at ARaymond, received the prize from the hands of Michael Hehl. Speaking on behalf of the entire ARaymond workforce, he expressed his thanks for the dynamic international cooperation and for the special award. "For us, the Arburg Energy Efficiency Award 2015 represents important and encouraging recognition of the consistent implementation of our global energy efficiency targets."

Environmental protection and energy efficiency have played an extremely important role at ARaymond for the past decade and are continuously promoted on a worldwide basis. Since 2011, internal environmental guidelines have been in place which are valid for all the company’s international, independent affiliates. The various environmental officers meet every year for an international environmental conference, where they present their local environmental protection campaigns and exchange experiences. As a result of these global workshops, ARaymond has set itself ambitious targets and is focusing on two principal tasks: reducing energy requirements and cutting raw material consumption.

Increasing energy efficiency in all areas

In order to increase energy efficiency in injection moulding production, the focus is on reducing heat loss through insulation, as well as the use of energy efficient hybrid and electric injection moulding machines. Further measures include energy efficient cooling systems, the utilisation of the waste heat from the compressors and the reduction of compressed air leaks. One result of all the energy efficiency activities is the DIN EN ISO 50001 certification of the energy management system at ARaymond Germany.

Furthermore, the company is investing in a number of projects worldwide, such as systems for utilising rainwater and for automated building lighting. New buildings are increasingly being constructed according to LEED principles (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and certified accordingly. The group’s new headquarters in Grenoble, which opened for business in 2014, is an outstanding example of this.

ARaymond - 150 years in business

In addition to a responsible attitude towards the environment, Dominique Roullet-Revol also underlined respect for people as key factor in the company’s success. Over its 150-year history it has become evident that the company could never have succeeded without its employees, customers and partners such as Arburg. ARaymond has been developing, producing and selling fastening and mounting systems since its establishment in Grenoble, France, in 1865. The plastic, metal and hybrid parts produced by the company, now run by the fifth generation of the same family, can be found in millions of cars worldwide: in both interior and exterior trims, in drive systems, in electric cable routing, in thermal management and in fluid handling.

Arburg as a trendsetter

Guest speaker Prof. Rudolf Stauber, Director of the Fraunhofer Project Group for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies, IWKS, spoke about the issues of economic growth and the conservation of resources. He explained that the combination of ecological and economic sustainability is now seen as an integral part of competitiveness and is firmly anchored in the strategies of many enterprises. Arburg, he explained, recognised at an early stage that sustainability can only be achieved through technical innovation. The company not only sets a good example with its products, but also promotes optimised energy efficiency beyond its own operating premises. Stauber maintained that this is also demonstrated by the current presentation of the Energy Efficiency Award, which honours particularly wide-ranging innovations in this area.


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