Arburg Energy Efficiency Award 2015

Arburg Energy Efficiency Award 2015
The Arburg Energy Efficiency Award was officially presented on Tuesday 10 March 2015. Since 2008, Arburg has annually bestowed this award to companies for outstanding activities in the field of energy efficiency. The winner for 2015 is ARaymond, one of the world’s market leaders in clip fasteners for the automotive industry. Based on internal environmental guidelines, the French family-owned company promotes environmental protection in all 37 of its independent affiliates. In a move designed to reduce energy requirements, for example, the company invests primarily in electric and hybrid injection moulding machines. In recognition of its global activities, ARaymond has been selected as the recipient of the Arburg Energy Efficiency Award 2015.

The award was presented at an event with some 40 invited guests at the Arburg headquarters in Lossburg. ARaymond was represented at the celebration by a high-ranking delegation from France, Germany and the Czech Republic, including François Raymond, Dominique Roullet-Revol, Jürgen Trefzer and Tomas Cerman. The guest speaker was Prof. Dr. Rudolf Stauber, Director of the Fraunhofer Project Group for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies, IWKS.

Award recognises excellent energy efficiency performance

In his welcoming speech, Michael Hehl, Managing Partner and Spokesperson for the Arburg Management Team, emphasised the importance of the award: "With this award, we have each year since 2008 shown our appreciation for companies who, like us, take an innovative, all-embracing and global approach to the subject of energy efficiency and who excel on account of their corporate philosophy and activities."

In his speech honouring the prize-winner, Helmut Heinson, Managing Director Sales at Arburg, outlined the reasons for awarding ARaymond the Arburg Energy Efficiency Award 2015 and described how the two companies collaborated. "We have enjoyed a very fruitful partnership with this year’s award-winner over a number of decades. And not just in Germany and Europe. We are also a successful team in America and Asia. Currently, some 250 Allrounder injection moulding machines are in operation at the company’s production plants in China, Germany, France, India, Italy, the Czech Republic, Turkey and the US. A Freeformer for additive manufacturing was added in autumn 2014.

However, the world market leader can point to exemplary achievements not only in terms of its products in the automotive industry, but also in relation to the sparing use of resources at all its locations worldwide. Its numerous global activities and achievements are evidence that the company is extremely serious about its responsibilities towards the environment and for the future. That's why Arburg decided to honour ARaymond with the Energy Efficiency Award 2015."



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