Amut will be participating at Interplastica

Amut will be participating… During the last months, Amut Group solution to get r-PET sheet through a direct extrusion process was presented in Demo Show. This is a remarkable example of Bottle to Packaging application to meet the circular economy trend. The line processes 100% post-consumer PET bottles flakes into certified food grade single layer foil suitable for the thermoforming phase. The sheet characteristics comply with the FDA and EFSA regulations.

Amut Group cast lines for the production of stretch film continue to guarantee brilliant performances: ProWind 4.0 super-fast winder is suitable for hand, machines and jumbo rolls. All rolls are well wound, without tail, at very high speed (speed up to 1.000 m/min). ProWind has a system for weighing each roll before unloading so there is no need to manually weigh the rolls before packing them on the pallet. Water cooled drives for the extruders are another peculiar feature.

PET Sheet Line - Amut

As confirmation of the ever-increasing awareness on the Russian territory of considering post-consume materials as a resource, Amut Group participated as speaker to the "Waste Treatment Conference" organized by Inventra (Creon Group) on the 22nd of October in Moscow presenting the speech "Waste collection integrated system - advanced sorting and recycling technologies". Amut name is already worldwide associated with exclusive Bottle-to-Bottle washing top technology after supplying big-capacity plants with output up to 6.000 kg/h of washed PET flakes to leader companies in Europe and North America. Being capable of running all operation phases, Amut Group's team offers 360° support from feasibility studies, planning, assembling and final testing, up to full management and after-sales assistance. Amut is constantly involved in the research and development of sorting and waste treatment technology, cooperating in close connection with the recyclers and customers.

PET washing plant - Amut

Source: Amut Group

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