Ampacet SunChill™ color masterbatch reduces heat build-up in dark plastics exposed to sunlight

Ampacet SunChill™ color masterbatch…

Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has introduced SunChill color masterbatches designed to decrease the thermal load of dark plastic items exposed to sunlight and hot weather conditions.

Dark-colored plastics are known to heat up when exposed to sunlight because dark pigments absorb most of the infrared wavelengths and convert them into heat energy. The darker the color, the warmer the plastic item becomes when exposed to the sunlight, with black being the ultimate heat absorber.  Widely used for outdoor applications, such as floor tiles,  construction products and furniture, dark plastics can become uncomfortably hot for use by consumers when left out in the sun.

When used to color dark outdoor plastic items,  Ampacet SunChill exhibits much lower infrared wavelength absorption and limits heat build-up of plastics exposed to the sun when compared to conventional color solutions. As a result, colored articles remain cooler and more comfortable to touch during hot periods of the year.

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