A Metocene resin from LyondellBasell sets new standards in PP microfibre performance

A Metocene resin from LyondellBasell Industries using metallocene catalysts has been selected by Italian textile manufacturer Aquafil for its Dryarn range of microfibre clothing due to the resin`s ability to achieve significant improvements in processability and durability over other PP and traditional materials, setting new benchmarks in PP microfibre performance.

The Metocene HM 562 S fiber grade was chosen by Aquafil for its Dryarn line of clothing, which includes extreme sportswear, military equipment and swimwear, because of the resin`s outstanding processability and uniformity, enabling processing speeds up to 20 percent faster than standard polypropylene resin.

- Producers have found that the spinnability of Metocene resins allows ultra-fine fibres to be continuously produced at throughputs comparable with high-speed polyester lines - said Bernd Schütz, Global Customer Programme Manager at LyondellBasell. - It is the first time a Metocene resin has been used for a clothing application requiring durability and skin-contact performance, historically the domain of polyester and polyamide fibres.

Behind the performance of the resin is a narrow molecular weight distribution that improves not only the processability, but the mechanical properties of the fibres, enabling up to 30 percent higher tenacity over other PP-based fibres.

- With Metocene resin, we achieved the same level of tenacity and textile and fabric characteristics as polyester or polyamide fibres in our Dryarn clothing - said Denis Jahic, Industrial Director at Aquafil.

Unlike other synthetic fibers, Aquafil`s Dryarn is used to produce clothing applications in which skin-contact performance is important. One of the key performance characteristics of fibres based on Metocene resins is the wicking-effect, where perspiration is conducted away from the skin to the outside where it can evaporate, leading to a sweat expulsion rate which is nearly eight times higher than polyester.

Another important advantage of Metocene resins in functional clothing is the lightness of the yarn. - With a specific weight of 0.9 g/cm3, Dryarn is the lightest yarn existing in nature, providing a 20 per cent weight saving compared with other fibres on the market - said Jahic.

- We`ve experienced over the recent past increased demand for Metocene PP-based fibre resins, and I think we are likely to see Metocene microfibre increasingly moving not only into mainstream clothing applications, but into demanding fibre applications such as outdoor furniture or automotive interior - said Schütz.

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