30th Chinaplas expanding on adversity

Mr. Jianjun CHEN, R&D Manager of Shanghai POVOS Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. - a wholly owned subsidiary of Phillip, a wholly owned subsidiary of Phillip, said that his visiting experience was better than he had expected. "It broadened my knowledge in the field of materials. I found some high strength and high temperature resistant materials, PBS materials, food grade materials, etc., which are widely applied in a lot of components and parts. These technologies are useful to our product development."

During his visit, Mr. Jian HUANG, Chief Engineer of Yonggao Co., Ltd. found the output of LeanEx 90-30 model displayed by Battenfeld-Cincinnati (Foshan) Extrusion Systems Ltd. is 800kg/h for HDPE. "Extrusion equipment with high capacity will be the development direction in the future," projected the Chief Engineer. "Currently, with the furtherance of lead free stabilizer, exhibitors develop and present the latest and most advanced products steadily. Chinaplas is able to help us capture the necessary improvement and development direction of raw materials, equipment and automation."

"We have not only seen many efficient environment-friendly film blowing machines, bag machines, solvent-less laminator, but also reserved equipment on-site. We come to visit Chinaplas every year, and can always discover some new technologies and innovations to inspire us," commented Mr. Xuecheng ZHANG, Production Director of Hunan Jingxin Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Jibo GAN, Vice Chief Engineer of Shanghai Fuyao Bus Glass Co., Ltd., said, "In Chinaplas I got to know a lot of injection corollary equipment and they did broaden my horizon. I hope we can apply them to our practical operation, and improve efficiency, save labor cost and optimize quality with automation."

"To cope with the demand of enterprises and challenges they will face, Chinaplas 2016 set 'Greenovation for a Smart Future' as the show's theme, and focused on the topics of innovation, automation and green technology," emphasized Ms. Ada Leung. "In order to cater for the market trends and buyers' needs, and bring forward-looking and innovative inspiration to the industry, many concurrent events such as 'Design x Innovation', 'Industry 4.0 Conference' and 'The 2nd Medical Plastics Conference' was held during the show. Chinaplas 2016 were favourably appraised by visitors from China and overseas, and it reflects our buyer-oriented strategy is on the right track."

Referring to the development direction of Chinaplas, Ms. Ada Leung pointed out that raising the visitor quality and the technological level of exhibits are the primary targets for sustainable development of the show. She explained, "At Chinaplas 2016, there were more than 40 kinds of ground-breaking technologies which were newly launched either in the world or Asia, and we were very happy to see that happen. It implied that exhibitors recognized Chinaplas as an important platform for the release of new technology. Chinaplas is not only a platform for sourcing and technology know-how exchange, but also a value-added, professional and technology-oriented trade fair. The development trend of Chinaplas is well-matched with the technology upgrade and specific needs from downstream high-end buyers."

Next Chinaplas will be held on May 16-19, 2017 at China Import and Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, PR China.

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