Innovative single-column Krones palletising robot Nowości firmy Krones na targi interpack 2008

Innovative single-column Krones palletising robot
The Modulpal 1 ADR is a new palletiser for the high speed range, with an output of up to 600 layers an hour, comprising sturdy, field-proven components from the Krones Modulpal single-column modularised design. For the first time, this machine enables very high outputs to be achieved on a single pallet loading position. Supplied by a grouping system, the Modulpal 1 ADR palletiser, featuring two lifting units and two gripper heads, deposits the packs on a single pallet position. Hitherto, a double-position palletiser had always been used for this kind of speed range.

The entirely innovative concept also enables this high output to be achieved with a low-level pack infeed, significantly facilitating access for the operator and rendering platforms superfluous. The interpack will mark the world premiere of the Modulpal 1 ADR. The packs can be grouped using the newly developed Robobox grouping system or one of its conventional counterparts.

Innovative single-column Krones palletising robot

For fast and reliable grouping of non-returnable packs, the newly developed Robobox constitutes a compact-size, versatile unit for pack turning and distribution, offering maximised scope for every variant of pack grouping. What`s absolutely new about the Robobox: during the entire turning and distribution operation, the packs are neatly guided by a gripper. The transfer device can handle packs up to maximum dimensions of 400 x 400 mm and a top weight of 18 kg. By designing the grouping system with modules arranged one after the other for three different output gradations, the concept can be optimally matched to any desired line speed, producing a high degree of flexibility in conjunction with a downstream palletising system.

Krones started manufacturing labellers in 1951 - today, the company is operating on a global scale. The company employs more than 9,000 people worldwide. About 87 per cent of the lines produced go to foreign countries. The group's turnover totalled 1.695 bn euros. The Krones group designs, develops, manufactures and installs both machines and complete filling and packaging lines. Its principal customers are breweries and beverage producers, the food industry and the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.