Wrap-around packer ensures high speed and reliability

Outstanding performance

The Thailand-based dairy company recognised the opportunities to optimise the TCO of their end-of-line operations by choosing wrap-around blanks rather than traditional “Regular Slotted Containers” (RSC), therefore meeting the goal of reducing secondary packaging costs by more than 30%. To achieve this, FrieslandCampina Thailand opted for a wrap-around case packer machine, together with a bottle line divider at packer infeed - flexible enough to divide the flow from one lane up to eight lanes, depending on the bottle format – and the conveyors connecting the solution to the production line - both upstream and downstream. This configuration ensures an impressive speed of more than 500+ shaped bottles per minute, equal to 24 cases per minute.

Continuous innovation

The latest addition to the Gebo Cermex portfolio of wrap-around solutions is the WB46. It offers excellent performance in terms of flexibility, hygiene and ergonomics, suiting the needs of manufacturers active in a broad range of industries, from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals and home and personal care.


Source: Gebo Cermex

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