Woojin Plaimm has a new sole agency in Germany

Woojin Plaimm has a new sole… Woojin Plaimm is building up its European network of agencies and it is now present in all of Europe’s important markets. Woojin Plaimm has joined forces with a German agency for the first time. Nortec Maschinentechnik GmbH in Soltau has represented the full-range supplier of plastic injection molding machines from Korea since May 2017. As such, Nortec, previously known as a system provider for used machines by Engel (Schwertberg, Austria), has now entered the highly competitive market for new machines with offers from the area of equipment and system sales. Does a new supplier stand a chance in Germany? “Yes, it does, if the overall package fits: the machine plant technology and the people behind them. And it fits here”, says Peter Nellen who has been the face and CEO of Nortec for 24 years.

The Leobersdorf location in Austria has been expanded in recent years as the Woojin Plaimm European head office with its own sales and service centre in order to enable the optimal integration of European standards into its technology. The machine and plant technology is developed at the Research and Development Centre in Leobersdorf. The DL-A5 two-platen series with a groundbreaking energy concept is the latest offshoot of this development. Peter Nellen: “The DL-A5 series is currently the strongest two-platen machine in the market. It is a highly interesting option for processors in Germany.

Woojin Plaimm and Nortec aim to meet four decision-making criteria which are essential for processors: top-performance, zero-risk financing, fast delivery times of around 12 weeks and 24 hour spare-part supplies.”

Nortec as a long-term partner to the processing scene

There are a number of good reasons for Nortec’s entry into the new machine market with Woojin Plaimm, as Peter Nellen reports: “Woojin Plaimm is a top provider and full-range supplier of injection molding technology from high-tech Korea. The price-performance ratio is definitely at the highest level. The established competition is also aware of this. In the previous two years, Woojin Plaimm has oriented its products towards the European market at its Leobersdorf base, including the use of components from the EU area. We at Nortec have decided to get on board the process of Woojin Plaimm’s internationalisation now. This enables us to sensibly associate our comprehensive services provided at our technical center and in application technology, servicing, financing and system configuration with the new machine business. The performance spectrum, the price-performance ratio and a delivery time of 12 – 16 weeks for Woojin Plaimm machines of up to 13,000 kN in conjunction with our industrial plant business and our finance models present injection molding processors with an interesting alternative which enables them to take a new path.”