Woojin Plaimm has a new sole agency in Germany

The technical center as a shop window for Nortec

The state-of-the-art Nortec technical center in Soltau is of interest to processors. It has optimum production conditions. The centre is equipped with Woojin Plaimm machines from the TH, TE and DL-A5 series with clamping forces ranging from 500 to 10,500 kN, so that Nortec can offer mold validation and entry capacities there. Customers can also test production-ready equipment in a dry run and compare it with the competition’s machines which are known to them. Workshops for automation, material processing, cooling or drying round out the technical center’s program. Peter Nellen: “Our technical center meets almost all the needs of practitioners and true injection molders. Our 14 employees from the areas of technology, application technology and sales engineering enable us to offer customer support at the level of factory branches.”

Attractive finance models

A change of manufacturer constitutes a difficult act for injection molders. Financing and spare-part deliveries must be smoothly planned so that the changeover works. Nortec offers interesting models under the heading Nortec Rent. Customers can order machines from Woojin Plaimm or automation and robotic plants for purchase, for lease, on hire purchase or for hire. The run times for the models are between 24 and 48 months. This means that customers can choose a tailor-made solution. In the case of new machines, other brands can also be accepted as payment depending on their valuation. Nortec provides after-sales support with 24 hour spare-part deliveries and a service hotline for essential components such as nozzles, non-return valves, screws, plasticizing units and electronic components. The after-sales employees are trained safety inspectors for CE integration. Customers can also make use of our “door-to-door” logistics concepts. Transport, unloading and installation and plug-and-play: all from a single source.

Source: Woojin Plaimm