Wittmann net5 system: the conveying system with that certain "touch"

Wittmann net5 system: the conveying system with that certain
The net5 system material conveying system from Witmann has made a strong breakthrough into the market. Since its launch, the demand for small conveying systems has been constantly rising. The net5 system is very flexible in use, and it can be applied in many different ways. If necessary, it can be used for single material loaders that are difficult to reach because of their location – and it can be also used for the control of up to mid-sized conveying systems.

Control of 24 material loaders, two vacuum circuits, one vacuum circuit as a substitute – all this is only part of what the net5 system with the TEACHBOX basic control from Wittmann can manage.

In addition, and within the framework of the net5 system, there exists the possibility of controlling the material conveying system via an ATON plus series dryer. Up to four touch-screen controls can be used in this manner. When such a system consists of three TEACHBOX basic controls and the control of the dryer, every single console can then be used for command inputs. The administration of the system can also be executed via any of the four control displays.

TEACHBOX basic as the central control unit

The TEACHBOX basic offers a further essential advantage since the operator is free to choose its position within the entire net5 system. For example, it would be possible to connect one control unit to the system at the beginning of a conveying line, and a second one somewhere in the middle of the system. Thus, the operator is free to arrange very short distances for the material handling in the system, or to reserve a particular control unit for a very special critical component. The concept of the control unit allows for unrestricted flexibility, even when the system is fully engaged: For example, the TEACHBOX basic at first can be connected to a central pump, and then, at a later date, to any conveying unit.

Teachbox Basic Feedmax

TEACHBOX basic, centerpiece of the net5 system, for the control of up to 24 material loaders, on the left FEEDMAX S 3-net material loader

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