Wireless LAN as a cost saver

Wireless LAN as a cost saver
Gammaflux Europe GmbH, Wiesbaden/Germany, has for some time been offering its new option, "Wireless LAN", for all of its hot runner temperature controllers. It permits particularly low-cost remote monitoring of the temperature controllers and the operating condition of the hot runner system, as the complex wiring that was necessary hitherto can now be completely waived.

Instead, each controller is equipped with a small aerial for the wireless transmission of data to the base station. This station then relays all data in real time for evaluation and visualization, e.g. to the production manager's office or to his laptop.

"Wireless LAN" uses the standards b and g with a rate of 54 Mbit/s, and for data transmission it is equipped with WEP, WPA and WPA2 codes, which must be activated for data protection and security against outside interference. Together with the data from the control systems of the injection moulding machines - transmitted either conventionally or likewise by WLAN - the data thus obtained permits a complete monitoring of production.

The Wireless LAN option waives the need for complex wiring: the hot runner<br />
temperature controllers on the injection moulding machines communicate with the<br />
production manager's office wirelessly via a base station and provide him with a<br />
constant overview both of the entire production process and of the condition of<br />
each individual machine

With the aid of Wireless LAN, the production manager can monitor from his office not only the injection moulding shop's entire production but also the operating condition and status of each individual machine. Thanks to the constant overview this system affords him, the production manager can efficiently coordinate the work of the machine operators and service engineers for mould changing, production optimizing and/or troubleshooting operations. This remote monitoring facility is particularly useful during night shifts or weekends, when only a minimum of personnel is on duty. Wireless LAN does not operate in just one direction either: without having to leave his office, the production manager can make any required adjustments to the settings of each individual hot runner temperature controller.

One of the ultimate aims behind Wireless LAN is to enable a large part of the production process to be optimized from the production manager's office or laptop.

The Fill & Cool System from Priamus, which since K 2007 can be integrated into the hot runner temperature controllers from Gammaflux, likewise serves this aim.