Wireless LAN as a cost saver

The Wireless LAN option is available for all Gammaflux controllers equipped with PCs and can also be retrofitted without difficulty. The company-internal remote monitoring facility made possible by Wireless LAN can also be augmented, in conjunction with a telephone modem, by a low-cost external remote diagnosis and maintenance facility: in the event of a malfunction, a Gammaflux engineer can make an "on-line inspection" of the hot-runner controller, analyse its condition, interpret the stored data and then give precise instructions for the elimination of the fault or malfunction.

Experience has shown, moreover, that in this way the Gammaflux engineers can make better and more efficient use of the analytical functions incorporated in the controllers. And if a Gammaflux engineer has to come in person and deal with the problem on the spot, the on-line inspection has already told him where the problem probably lies and what replacement parts will be necessary. Being thus well prepared, the Gammaflux engineer will need only a minimum of time for the job, and the cost to the customer will be considerably less.

The Gammaflux TTC family of hot runner temperature control systems provides state-of-the-art performance for injection moulding applications up to 640 zones. The LEC controllers are suitable for smaller hot runner systems with up to 24 zones. They are available for 2, 6 or 12 zones. All controllers are of modular design, which means that individual control cards are easy to remove, add or replace.

Gammaflux, based in Sterling/VA (U.S.A) and Wiesbaden/Germany, is a leading global manufacturer of hot runner temperature controllers for the plastics-processing industry. The company has long been on record as a supplier of innovative control technology and became the industry's first manufacturer to develop controllers capable of anticipating temperature deviations, detecting wiring and heater problems, and averting severe mould damage through instant control response. Gammaflux control technology combines digital performance with high-precision analogue control action.

Users benefit from a central control system enabling them to manage the injection moulding process and to extract data for performance analysis. Gammaflux serves a wide range of markets all over the world, from automotive to medical equipment manufactures through to the packaging, electronics, household products, and toolmaking industries.