WIS Kunststoffe: Navigator 2.0 through the world of plastics and polymers

WIS Kunststoffe: Navigator…

The world of plastics and polymers can be confusing and difficult to understand, even for experts. WIS Kunststoffe GmbH from Breitungen in Germany has developed a knowledge matrix, giving a new perspevtive on this interesting issue. In several discussions with customers they have learned that many processors are losing a lot of time while looking for all different kinds of plastics with their technical properties. Hence, it was a matter of competence and customer focus to support their partners. With the specifically developed knowledge matrix, one can compare the most important properties of the main materials faster and more efficiently while saving time and money. The matrix has just been released in its second version (2.0) and is also used for the training of its own sales team.

Competence in resins

The company is known for the distribution and trading as well as development and compounding of thermoplastics and will now present their strength at the annual fair Plastpol 2019 in Kielce. At the international fair for plastics processing, taking place in Kielce (PL) from 28. - 31. May 2019, the WIS-Team is going to present the innovative knowledge matrix. It is available as A1 and A0 version in German and English language, offering useful information about the different materials. The matrix includes general, technical, chemical and elextronical numbers as well as processing conditions for commodities and technical plastics.

Academic validity

Furthermore, the knowledge matrix offers specific information about characteristic, mechanical, thermic and electrical properties of the materials, but also recommendations for the daily business, e.g. processing conditions regarding pre-drying and tool- & processing temperatures. The processor can find hints to the price level of each products as well as the brand name of WIS Kunststoffe GmbH. All numbers have been validated with the laboratory for applied sciences of the technical college Schmalkalden (managed by Prof. Thomas Seul) in Germany.

Practical application is proved

First processors are already working with the matrix successfully on a regular basis. It is used for the counseling of customers, by making a preselection of plastics with certain characteristics. With this brief overview they are able to make quick material proposals and to compare properties more efficiently. Thereby, the processors are able to react on customers requirements quick and reliable.

From the first idea up to the final realization of the matrix, 4 years have passed - but the investion has paid off.

Source: WIS Kunststoffe

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