Ultrasonic welding: Design awards for the welding workplace of the future

Ultrasonic welding: Design…

The optimal human-machine interaction in regards to the functionality of the machine convinced both juries. Herrmann Ultraschall has received the IF Design Award 2021 and the Good Design Award 2020 for the new HiQ DIALOG ultrasonic welding machine generation.

The design of the new machine comes from Design Tech, Ammerbuch, Germany, and is entirely geared towards safe and easy operation. The control system communicates with the operator via a customizable user interface (UI) at different levels. Illuminated indicator arrows and a secondary screen in the machine base provide information on piece counts, machine status or process data. Visualizations of functions and accessories can be integrated into the new control platform via widgets. An on-screen wizard assists with tool changes. The system is able to automatically select the welding program to match the tools used. The machine uses RFID coding to check whether the ultrasonic welding tool, the fixture and the selected welding program match each other.

A consistently clean design avoids unnecessary edges and gaps. Sharp corners are avoided, allowing pleasant handling of the machine. The integration of the clamping plate for fixtures in the machine base reduces the overall height of the machine base and allows more ergonomic loading of the workpiece fixtures. The machine base provides storage space for tools and accessories and can be used as a mounting surface for additional units. It is magnetically closed from above with a scratch-resistant cover plate.  

Pleased with the awards: Thomas Herrmann, CEO of Herrmann Ultraschall with Volker Aust, Senior Expert Engineering & Product Design

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