UK's plastics producers in good spirits

On Staffing plans for 2013, 47% were forecasting no change whereas 31% were planning to increase staff in 2013. 22% of respondents were planning to reduce staff in 2013. This is a large increase on the June 2012 survey (12%) and that in January 2012 (12%).

37% of respondents will employ Apprentices in 2013. In total they will employ 110 with Moulding firms taking 37 and Packaging firms 35.

23% of respondents are not giving their staff a pay increase in 2013. 37% are paying + 1-2%; 37% are paying 2-3%, the remainder more.

On Skills Needs 64% of companies were not having difficulties recruiting staff; 13% were not recruiting; but 23% were finding it hard to recruit staff. Particularly hard to find were Technical Managers, followed by Apprentices and Supervisory staff.

Peter Davis said "With an ageing workforce our educational and training system needs to be galvanised to urgently meet these skills shortages".

Most companies are not having difficulties securing Credit from Banks but 19% complained of high Bank charges.

Processor firms were asked if they process Recycled Polymer excluding sprues. 38% said 'Yes', 32% answered 'No'. Asked what the main reason was for not processing more recycled polymer the main reasons were: reliability of supply and client specification.

48% of respondents planned to invest a little in plant and equipment this year, whereas 31% will invest significantly.

Masterbatch producers and Compounders, Recyclers, Flexible Foam manufacturers and Moulders were the most positive on investment plans. 21% planned no investments.