Two new grades of DuPont`s Entira antistatic additives

Two new grades of DuPont`s Entira antistatic additives
DuPont launches two new grades of Entira antistatic additives. New additions provide permanent, immediate anti-static performance and outstanding aesthetic properties.

DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers recently announced the addition of two new grades of DuPont Entira permanent antistatic additives - Entira Antistat SD 100 and Entira Antistat 500 - to its current offering, Entira Antistat MK400.

These new additives, which are ideal for use with polyolefins and other polymers, ensure permanent, anti-static dissipation and provide superb aesthetics, clarity, non-yellowing and dust free protection for a variety of demanding packaging needs, from cosmetics to industrial goods to sensitive electronics components.

Entira Antistat SD 100 and Entira Antistat 500 have a number of distinct advantages over diffusive antistatic agents. Unlike these solutions, which are often concentrated on the product surface and can wear off due to rubbing, water or age, the new Entira Antistat grades are integrated directly into the product, adding immediate and permanent anti-static action, and a smooth, transparent surface appearance that allows better adhesion and printability.

DuPont launches two new grades of Entira antistatic additives

They also prevent yellowing due to age, can be used in a discrete layer without migrating to other layers and help to minimize die build-up. Additionally, when used with polyolefins, Entira Antistat is currently the only permanent additive on the market to deliver both antistatic properties and transparency in the final product.

- The addition of Entira Antistat SD 100 and Entira Antistat 500 to our portfolio of Entira resin modifiers and additives provides our customers with a competitive advantage by effectively reducing and dispelling static, which can damage finished products or degrade their appearance - said Steven P. Wilkinson, global marketing manager, Industrial Goods, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers. - We are very pleased to offer these new grades of antistatic agents that meet our customers` very diverse and stringent performance requirements and help maximize shelf appeal for end users - he adds.

Entira? Antistat SD 100 can be used in electronics packaging to reduce sparks that could damage equipment. It is also fully approved for use with food and can minimize dusting that can prevent a good product seal. Entira Antistat 500, which is currently available for sampling, can be used at higher processing temperature conditions.

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