Tomra to highlight 50 years of circular solutions at IFAT

In addition to its full optical sorting solution for waste applications, Tomra is leading the change in several additional segments. In metals recycling, the company will stress its recently launched new X-Tract which is equipped with leading-edge technologies enabling a powerful and precise sorting of aluminum, e-scrap, post-shredder materials, and non-ferrous metals. The new unit recovers high-value materials from complex material streams and creates furnace-ready aluminum fractions, giving metal recyclers and smelters a competitive edge for their operations.  

In its role as an industry pioneer, Tomra continuously works on innovations to sort materials that have previously been hard or impossible to separate. One of the most recent examples is Gain, its deep-learning-based add-on for Autosort. Unleashing the power of explicitly trained artificial neural networks, Gain enables the separation of processed and non-processed wood as well as the recovery of MDF from processed wood chips, therefore supporting particleboard manufacturers in their quest to increase recycled content in their production processes in a profitable and environmentally friendly way.

As waste and metal recycling enter the digital era with the goal to maximize resource recovery and recycling, digital tools that help optimize plant performance gain increasing importance. At IFAT, Tomra’s experts will discuss its cloud-based data platform Tomra Insight which captures sorting data and provides near-live reports anywhere and anytime.    


Going beyond technologies

Sorting technologies are a necessary means to maximize the volume of recycled materials, but in order to accelerate the progress in recycling and waste management, cross-value chain collaboration must be intensified, and synergies be used. As an impact leader, Tomra closely works with stakeholders of the value chain to help overcome obstacles and drive significant change. Setting a best practice example, Tomra and Borealis, a leading chemical company and one of the largest polyethylene and polypropylene producer, joined forces and opened a state-of-the-art plant for post-consumer plastic waste sorting and advanced mechanical recycling in Lahnstein, Germany. The demo plant produces post-consumer recycled content (PCR) suitable for high-demanding plastic applications in various industries, making a considerable impact and proving the capabilities of advanced mechanical recycling and the results two leading companies can achieve.

The industry is facing diverse challenges, including recycling targets, higher quality requirements, and changing waste streams. In its role as technology provider and partner, Tomra liaises with the industry, develops innovations, and defines holistic approaches comprising future-forward solutions to accelerate the transition to a circular economy where resources are kept in use.

From May 30th to June 3rd, Tomra’s team of experts will be at hand in hall B6 at booth number 339/438 to present the latest sorting technologies across all segments, how digital platforms can enhance sorting performances and holistic resource systems allow for a circular treatment of resources. In addition, visitors are welcome to join Tomra Talks, 30-minute live talks about a broad range of topics, including Tomra’s vision for a Circular Economy presented by Tomra CEO Tove Andersen, Closing the Loop on Plastics, Trends in Textile Recycling, Trends in the Metal Recycling Industry.

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