The year of the Second Generation

The year of the Second Generation
Five years after introduction of the „Planet Machines“ Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Pluto, Haitian International presents its next generation of these successful series. In line with customer feedback of the last five years, Haitian, Zhafir and Tianjian are showcasing customer driven machines.

Mr. Fu, Chief of R&D Haitian International explains: “Certainly, the development of all our production lines since their launch was a continuous improvement process. Thanks to the excellent business strategy during the crisis period of 2010/2011, we had a clear focus and therefore the resources for R&D have been targeted correctly.“ The “Generation 2” promises improvements in performance and ergonomics that have arisen in large part based on customer requirements. This means the Generation 2 is much more customer oriented than all series before.

The German-Chinese Zhafir team has successfully developed the all-electric, high-tech Mercury Series with outstanding features. This makes the Mercury a pioneer in the international plastics machinery industry. There is a huge interest and already orders confirmed for the first 30 machines. They are primarily intended to be a test for this completely new approach to the technology. Certainly, the machines must first build up trust in such a traditional market. In order to accumulate more field reports and references, Zhafir aims to place the Mercury with innovative and future oriented processors. Demand is already pleasantly high among the global players. A customer from Belarus has already made the decision to order seven Mercury units.

The all-electric Zhafir Venus Series has been delivered to more than 1,000 customers – with an upward growth trajectory. Thanks to the excellent business strategy of the Group, the R&D departments could concentrate on developing several new features. The optimized injection unit delivers 20% better acceleration. The enhanced software functions fulfill the requirements for ergonomic and highly sophisticated usability. More dynamic and shorter dry cycle times can be reached with the improved kinematics of the toggle system. A much more compact machine design offers a lot of space for powerpacks and auxiliaries. And last but not least the swiveling injection unit and ejector rapid release coupling provides easier accessibility and easier maintenance.

Since the introduction of the energy saving Mars Series, Haitian has sold more than 50,000 Mars machines. For the Mars Series 2, the Haitian engineers fundamentally changed the toggle system. With the help of a German engineering company, they succeeded in improving the kinematics, so that the movements are much faster and at the same time extremely harmonious. The benefit is more precision and dynamics, and thus 25% less dry cycle time.

For the two-platen Jupiter II Series, Haitian changed the clamping design with a decentralized control of the tiebars. This achieves more precision and more flexibility in terms of mold height. The dry cycle time was shortened dramatically, and the proven “Mars technology” is now standard. The oil consumption can be reduced by more than 30%.

The hydraulic standard solution “Tianjian Pluto Series” focuses on the mass market with highly efficient and reasonable parameters. With the Pluto II Series, the team of Tianjian improved the machine series in many details while keeping the competitive “CostVantage.”

The improved design of the toggle system provides more dynamic and smooth mold movement. Equipped with energy saving heating components, the Pluto II Series can save up to 50% heating power. The Pluto-Version of the “J5” drive concept will be available as standard. For a comfortable machine operation, the control terminal of the Pluto II provides a 7 inch color screen up to 250 tons and an 8 inch color screen for the bigger clamping sizes.