The right film for every market

The right film for every market

As a branch of Akro-Plastic GmbH, BIO-FED is the specialist for innovative and application-oriented biocompounds. The product portfolio under the trade name M·Vera is constantly being expanded with new products. Depending on the requirements profile, these compounds are either biodegradable in various environments or suitable for long-term use – and completely or partially made from renewable raw materials.

The legislation in various European countries for film packaging is currently becoming increasingly stringent. For example, a biobased carbon content of 60% or more and the “OK compost Industrial” certificate will be mandatory for the fruit and vegetable bags in Italy from January 2021. In France, this carbon content does not have to be reached until the end of 2024. In this case, however, the specifications according to “OK compost HOME” must also be fulfilled for the fruit and vegetable bags, as has been the case up to now.

BIO-FED’s comprehensive M·Vera film range offers products with a high biocontent of 40 to over 50% and can serve various end-of-life scenarios – be it for industrial composting or domestic compost. The company is also researching a product that will have a bio-based carbon content of more than 60%.

“In addition to the composition and easy processing of the granulate, the films must also meet the mechanical requirements of the application,” says Roland Andernach, Product Manager at BIO-FED. M·Vera B5033, for example, has significantly improved the tensile strength and tear resistance for use in fruit and vegetable bags. With its experienced research and development team, the Cologne-based company can develop customer-specific solutions in addition to a standard range of products.