The lightest 5l PET container in the world

The savings in terms of raw material are obvious. What is not included in the calculations is the energy savings obtained using the resin X_TREME. NOVAPET has made different research on it resulting that thanks to the easiness to stretch-blow the preforms injected with X_TREME, provide an energy saving up to 23% if compared to the blowing of preforms made with standard PET.
The containers have been blown thanks to the SIDE TMS 2002e-G, last generation SIDE machine which confirms the vocation of the Spanish company for producing machines able to blow, not only big containers but it also permits the application of light-weighting for big sizes, with important savings, not only in terms of material but also in terms of energy.

The combination of new technological research permits SIDE to offer to all its clients a wide range of options to achieve the reduction of the weight, the improvement of the mechanical performances and a unique flexibility of use in the international market.

At the same time the enormous experience of SIDE in the field of big formats guarantees the trustworthiness and the profitability of every project.

P.E.T. Engineering, with its design, together with the services of NOVAPET and SIDE, is a valuable support for all those companies focused on reducing the environmental impact of their own packaging in every phase of the production process.