The lightest 5l PET container in the world

The lightest 5l PET container in the world
The lighest 5l ever! estimates that the request for eco-packaging will grow 6%/year till 2015 and companies, to meet this request, will have to reconsider their own packaging and their own productive system in the light of eco-sustainability.

The project of 5l LW, developed by P.E.T. Engineering in collaboration with NOVAPET and SIDE, allows to turn a market trend into a business opportunity.
To turn the packaging into a green view means to obtain two main immediate advantages: a return of image from an eco-friendly point of view and important savings in terms of raw material and energy.

The market so far has not offered an alternative to those bottlers who have in the manufacturing of 5l containers an important quantity of their whole turnover and this fact made those companies, who are concerned about the environment, reduce their process of light-weighting.

To meet these needs P.E.T. Engineering has activated not only the R&D Dept. but it has also established this strategic collaboration with NOVAPET and SIDE, relationship which has led to the creation of the lightest 5l container in the world.

The 5l LW container has been developed in two main versions, one to be filled up with nitrogen which weights 60g, and another one without nitrogen with a weight of 64g. The excellent mechanic performance, equal to the 5l one with a weight of 74 and 78g currently in the market, is guaranteed due to the particular structure of the bottle, result of the ten-year experience of P.E.T. Engineering.
Ultra-light containers of big formats need special solutions to avoid the over-stretching phenomenon and its consequent opaque effect in the base. NOVAPET has permitted the prototyping of preforms, together with the preform design of P.E.T. Engineering, using the X_TREME resin, which permits to obtain a good level of stretching up to 22 instead of 14, like in standard PET, which is perfect for the blowing of light bottles.

The combination between the technology of P.E.T. Engineering and the revolutionary X_TREME of NOVAPET allows to obtain a distinctive bottle, aesthetically perfect and 18-23% lighter than the rest of the products currently in the market.

P.E.T. Engineering, NOVAPET and SIDE have created the lightest 5l PET container in the world.