Take your place at RePlast Eurasia 2024 Fair!

Take your place at RePlast…

As the first international fair to be organized in Türkiye on plastics recycling, RePlast Eurasia Plastic Recycling Technologies and Raw Materials Fair will be held on May 2-4, 2024, at Tüyap Fair Center in Istanbul, in collaboration with TÜYAP and PAGÇEV. RePlast Eurasia 2024 Fair, which is on record-high demand from the recycling industry and half of the bookings for which have been made in the first week of its launching, has already outscored its rivals in the world. Similar fairs organized in Europe have reached only 2-hall level in 5 years, while RePlast Eurasia Fair made a start directly with 2 halls. Signaling how it will play for the first rank in the category of recycling fairs around the world, from the very beginning, RePlast Eurasia Fair had half of its bookings made in the very first week of its launching. While the first hall put up for sale is booked up, sales for the 2nd Hall continues.

RePlast Eurasia, which will serve as the most significant platform to carry Türkiye forward in Green Recycling, will make Türkiye an epicenter in the recycling industry.

Companies engaged in recycling raw material and technology that produce products and services for all stages required to make plastics add value to life through recycling will meet industry professionals for the first time in May next year at the RePlast Eurasia Plastic Recycling Technologies and Raw Materials Fair.

The first fair specific to the plastics recycling industry

Turkish plastics recycling industry provides direct employment to around 400,000 people, whereas the indirect employment figure is nearly 1,2 million people. Achieving an annual growth rate of 8%, on average, with the vast employment opportunity it provides, the Turkish Plastics Recylcing Industry attracts attention by being one of the industries that employs the highest number of young population. As part of this giant family, RePlast Eurasia Fair which will be held for the first time in 2024 claims the title of becoming the leading fair among the international industrial fairs. The fact that the recycling industry grows with each passing day, in respect of technological development and use of raw materials demonstrates the need for such international organizations.

Contributes to a sustainable future

RePlast Eurasia Plastic Recycling Technologies and Raw Materials Fair, where companies offering services in all stages of collecting, sorting, washing and cleaning, breaking, melting and extrusion, reprocessing and production, and innovation of recovery of plastic wastes will participate as exhibitors, will present the latest developments on recycling technologies and raw materials for a sustainable future, to industry professionals, on a single platform.

Common platform of the industry: RePlast Eurasia Fair

Conferences and plastics recycling awards ceremony will also be held as part of RePlast Eurasia Plastic Recycling Technologies and Raw Materials Fair, where products and services in the field of plastics recycling industry will be exhibited and information will be exchanged on the industry, with the participation of speakers who are experts in their fields. Industry professionals will get the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and shape their plans for the future during the sessions that will be shaped around a wide range of topics like current plastics recycling, technological developments and legal practices awaiting the industry in the future, sustainability, and circular economy. RePlast Eurasia Plastic Recycling Technologies and Raw Materials Fair, the first one of which will be held on May 2-4, 2024, is expected to accelerate industrial development also in respect of information sharing.

RePlast Eurasia Fair to give Türkiye an advantage in the green recycling contest

Stating how the recycling trend increased in a world rapidly evolving with Green Recycling and Green Technology, President of PAGEV, Yavuz Eroğlu underlined that wastes have become strategic raw materials and said: "Today, when concerns about global warming have risen, the entire world has turned towards recycling and reusing previously produced resources instead of using petroleum-derived raw materials from scratch. This process that we can summarize as a part of circular economy is important in terms of creating both a cleaner world and new economic resources. Recycling and reusing the materials that we have already used bring along the growth of the recycling industry for national economies. Recycled raw material made of petroleum today is demanded more than the original raw material. This change regarding wastes pushes the entire world to reaching recycled raw materials and the machinery and equipment technology that will process such raw materials. Turkish Plastics Industry that ranks sixth in the world and second in Europe after Germany aims at becoming the leader of the recycling industry in the world. PAGÇEV, which we established under the leadership of PAGEV with that purpose, will organize RePlast Eurasia Plastic Recycling Technologies and Raw Materials Fair in collaboration with TÜYAP. The fair, the first one of which will be held next year on May 2-4, 2024, is the evidence of how Türkiye will maintain its leading role in green recycling and claim the title of becoming a leader in this contest. The fair supported by the European Plastics Converters (EUPC), in which we - as PAGEV - are among the managerial staff, and which will be held by international participation, will become the center where innovations of plastics industry recycling technologies and raw materials will be exhibited. We believe that our fair will give Türkiye an advantage in the green recycling contest across the world and the industry will gain greatly from the fair. I invite all actors of our industry to gather at RePlast Eurasia Plastic Recycling Technologies and Raw Materials Fair that will become an industrial brand."

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