Swerve neck solution at InnoBev in Warsaw

Swerve neck solution at InnoBev…
P.E.T. Engineering was awarded with the "Best light-weighting" for the patented solution "swerve neck" during the Global Beverage Sustainability Awards, at InnoBev, that took place in Warsaw on April 16.

The awards recognize the beverage industry's best practice in environmental sustainability across a range of categories from water usage efficiency to packaging development and promoting environmental awareness amongst consumers.

Swerve neck solution allows savings up to 20% in the neck finish and in the area under the support ledge and it is just one of the technologies P.E.T. Engineering develops to design ultra-light and eco-friendly containers.

The solution, which can be used in all the existing neck finishes, allows the lightening of both zones without compromising their behavior during blowing, filling, capping processes and during transport and final use.

Swerve neck creates an inner ring between the neck finish and the area under the support ledge that leads two important advantages:
1. The patented geometry allows less accumulation of material in the area under the support ledge keeping it at a distance from the mold sufficient to prevent its cooling. This plastic remains at such a temperature that can be still stretchable, that is to say, distributed on the body of the bottle, transforming the material from amorphous and unused into a structuring one.

2. The stiffness of the ring in to the neck finish allows a further reduction of the thickness without compromis ing the performance of the container which, indeed, improves its vertical top load.

Sanpellegrino Group has been the first using Swerve neck solution for the
production of the Levissima half a liter size, blown with the 22% of PET, which is less than the one used in the previous bottle of the same size.