Sumitomo (SHI) Demag at Fakuma 2018

The live demonstration at the Fakuma stand was a perfect example for complex packaging processes: a production unit with a high-volume output, low part weight, in-mould labelling and cycle times below 3 seconds. In a four-cavity mould (Simon), this system produces decorated food cups from polypropylen (Borealis). It is equipped with an automation solution (Beck Automation). A high-speed side-entry robot places the labels (Verstraete) into the fixed mould half, while removing the finished cups from the moving mould half and stacking them.

Systec Servo: Advanced IMD technology with new decoration and functional integration

With a versatile, energy-efficient Systec Servo 280/630-1450 with integrated functional unit for decoration, curing, purging and quality control, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag presented its contribution to the IMD surface decoration segment. "We came up with interesting technical advancements for Fakuma 2018," promised Henrik Langwald, Director Automotive Business Development. "Together with our partner Leonhard Kurz, we will present an automotive application: a door sill with a new day/night design is initially decorated by IMD and then covered with functional foil for touch functionality." All IMD process steps are integrated in a production unit with automation that was specially standardised for IMD applications.

Throughout their long-standing successful partnership, Leonhard Kurz, HBW Gubesch, Kist and SAR have continuously advanced their application process as well as their machine and automation technology. The integration of production and process data into a higher-level MES has made both the quality and the production performance more transparent and controllable. A unique data matrix code identified each individual part and ensures its traceability even at the next production stage. At the Kurz partner stand, the second production stage used FFB (Functional Foil Bonding) to provide the IMD part with a touch sensor. This stage of the process is also monitored by a higher-level MES supplied by bfa Solutions. "In addition to the application and its automation, visualisation requirements and the need to analyse process data are becoming increasingly important. This is why process integration into higher-level MES systems plays a crucial role. Our process integration into an MES system supplied by bfa Solutions proves our system expertise and extensive experience in the industry," said Langwald. Analogue to the other two live exhibits at the stand, the Systec Servo was also equipped with downstream systems supplied by Piovan.

myConnect digital services

At the Fakuma stand, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag has designated a self-contained section for all issues of network integration and digital services. There, customer can access an internet platform for on-line support and diagnostics and documentation, select remote monitoring of their production and order spare parts. Visitors can use the terminals to find out more about the myConnect services.

Source: Sumitomo (SHI) Demag