Styrolution at Fakuma 2014

Styrolution at Fakuma 2014 Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, will be attending Fakuma 2014, a premier international plastics processing trade fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Focusing on the innovative potential of its transparent specialties portfolio, Styrolution's activities and participation will be highlighted through the theme of "Clarity. Performance. Endless Possibilities".

Transparent styrenic specialties continue to emerge as a disruptive technology with the potential to shape the future of transparent applications across a wide range of industries. At Fakuma, Styrolution will illustrate how its transparent specialities, as well as its rich portfolio of opaque specialties, are enabling new innovations in the automotive, healthcare, electronics, household, construction, and packaging industries. These innovations empower customers to realize new applications, create processing efficiencies, address evolving industry trends and better meet their end-consumers' expectations for aesthetically brilliant and perfectly functional products. Visitors can experience the following applications first-hand during a visit to Styrolution's booth at Fakuma:
  • AxoTrack Vascular Access System by Soma Access Systems, made from Zylar, is a virtual needle technology for the healthcare industry that offers real-time needle tracking throughout an entire procedure. Zylar offers customers like Soma Access Systems a unique combination of toughness, clarity, superior processability and easy flowability.
  • Microspec chose Styroflex 2G66 for the development of its white medical tubes consisting of nine lumens which act as stabilizers for filter elements. Styrolfex is a thermoplastic elastomer that is ideally suited to medical tubing applications, offering transparency, thermal stability, elasticity and excellent processability.
  • Polyoptics employed NAS for the development of a completely new technology – a light guide tool with a laser machined surface. NAS is ideal for applications, such as light guides, that require water-clear transparency, high thermal stability, mechanical strength, high stiffness, as well as superior processability and flow properties.
  • A life-saving HPV sampler from Delphi Bioscience for the detection of numerous illnesses, including cervical cancer, made from Novodur HD 15, an easily processable specialty ABS grade with well-balanced mechanical properties and excellent chemical and stress cracking resistance.
  • The tailor-made, translucent and colored scuff plate for the Audi S line created with Luran 348 Q, an easy-flow SAN grade suitable for moldings with very thin walls or an adverse flow length to wall ratio. Luran 348 Q also offers excellent transparency and a light intrinsic color.
  • The EZ Trocar by Hakko, which allows medical professionals to introduce surgical instruments into the chest cavity, abdominal cavity and body access port for low invasive operations, uses Terlux HD 2822. This grade offers a well-balanced combination of stiffness and toughness and the high transparency.
  • Plastmo gutter system that employs Luran S 767KE to give the system a high-gloss appearance that is resistant to the deleterious effects of weather. Luran S 767KE is particularly suitable for co-extrusion with PVC at lower temperatures and also provides a glossy surface finish.

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