Sonoco launched new Stealth Core film

Sonoco, one of the largest diversified global packaging companies, has introduced to the film industry the new Stealth Core film core with Active Tension Displacement, or ATD Technology. The Stealth Core film core is currently available for use with machine-grade stretch film.

- The Stealth Core film core is the solution to a challenge that has long been building in the film packaging industry - to create an environmentally sustainable film core with the same internal diameter integrity as standard film cores - said John Colyer, division vice president and general manager, Industrial Products - North America. - Today, film cores must be stronger than ever, to withstand the increasing radial pressures associated with increased winding speeds, thinner-gauge film and greater winding tensions.

New faster converting equipment and improved resin technology has enabled film manufacturers to make thinner, high-quality film, which can be wound around a core more times as it becomes thinner. Each layer of film wound on a core adds more pressure to the core structure. Traditionally, film cores have been strengthened by using stronger paper and adding layers to the core structure.

- While building up the core wall has been a viable solution to insure ID integrity, it hasn't been a step toward more environmentally sustainable packaging - Colyer said. - We have envisioned a better solution for awhile, and it has been realized with Stealth Core film cores.

The Stealth Core film core's revolutionary, patent-pending design dissipates radial pressures by actively dispersing it in compound directions, protecting the core's internal diameter (ID) integrity and reducing core length growth, during and after the winding process. Stealth Core film cores are designed to fit seamlessly on existing equipment for effortless systems integration.

Compared with standard film cores, the Stealth Core film core not only has a higher recycled materials content and lighter weight, but also is made using less energy and producing fewer greenhouse gasses. These benefits can amount to an improved sustainability scorecard rating when compared with standard cores.

Founded in 1899, Sonoco is a $4.0 billion global manufacturer of consumer and industrial products and provider of packaging services, with 334 operations in 35 countries, serving customers in some 85 nations.