Solvay to Deliver Presentation on High-Performance Polyamides for Quick Connects

Solvay to Deliver Presentation on High-Performance Polyamides for Quick Connects
Solvay Specialty Polymers USA, LLC, a leading global supplier of high-performance thermoplastics for the automotive industry, will deliver a presentation on the use of its high-performance polyamides for fuel systems applications at the ITB Automotive Fuel Systems China 2012 conference Oct. 25 at the Swissôtel Grand Shanghai in Puxi, Shanghai.

The technical conference, sponsored by global auto consultancy The ITB Group Ltd., will focus on fuel system materials, fuel tank developments, and components. Along with the presentation, Solvay will have a table exhibit displaying the company’s products and applications for fuel systems.

Ren Yi, Solvay’s China Sales Development Manager, will discuss “High-Performance Polyphthalamide (PPA) for Quick Connects Applications.” The presentation will discuss PPA as a material alternative for quick connects and other fuel system parts like fuel filter housings, valves, pumps, fuel rails, sensors, flanges, and sender units in the wake of a recent shortage of nylon 12 resin. Quick connects will be emphasized along with critical components for all internal combustion engine (IEC) fuel systems which have been adversely affected by the PA12 short supply. AmodelÒ PPA, a high performance thermoplastic, has emerged as a leading drop-in replacement candidate with the most extensive data on fuel exposure and proven performance under harsh operating conditions.

Solvay’s Amodel PPA, through its variety of glass filled, toughened, and conductive grades, has played a relevant role in the PA12 transition throughout the world, says Solvay. Amodel PPA is a semi-aromatic polyamide with greater thermal capabilities, better chemical resistance, and less sensitivity to moisture than conventional polyamides. Other key attributes are higher strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures and better retention of mechanical properties in high humidity. Amodel PPA is also growing significantly in fuel systems where higher thermal requirements and better permeation are required to meet new evaporative emission standards, according to Solvay.

Over the past 10 years, Amodel PPA has replaced glass-filled nylon 12 in fuel line and glycol connectors where high temperature, improved permeation, and better chemical resistance to all fuels including biodiesel and alcohols are needed, says the company.

Amodel AT-6130 HS is a typical drop-in replacement for 23% glass-filled nylon 12. Besides fuel systems, Amodel PPA is used in many structural components where fatigue and creep resistance are required. Due to the recent shortage of nylon 12 resin, several large global automotive companies have already converted their applications to Amodel PPA.


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