Slovnaft Petrochemicals produces plastics of new generation

Slovnaft Petrochemicals produces…
Thanks to Unipol technology Slovnaft Petrochemicals Company introduced to European market four unique types of polypropylene which increase effectiveness of plastics processing.

Company has developed a new generation of polymers in cooperation with DOW licensor and manufactures them in its new plant in Bratislava.

A new generation of polymers not only increases the effectiveness of processing, but it also contributes to the environment protection. "Thanks to the unique properties which enable to preserve or increase utility properties of finished product, the consumption of polymers declines and thereby the load of environment declines at the same time," said Ivan Dežď, the director of Company.

The new collision proof copolymers with the name Tatren IM 55 80, Tatren IM 75 81 and Tatren IM 100 85 are easily workable and optimal for high-speed injection of thin-walled products with complicated shapes. They ensure good dimensional stability even in large products. In addition, these plastics have excellent organoleptic properties which predestine them for the manufacture of products which contact the foodstuffs. Almost all of their production (97%) goes to export markets.

Tatren IM 100 85 polymer has several extraordinary characteristics which mean its great competition advantage. In spite of its high fluidity it is produced without the usage of peroxides and becomes increasingly popular input raw material for the injection of solid packages for foodstuffs. It is often used in the manufacture of thin-walled products for kitchen, household and garden.

One of the specialities of new Unipol technology is the possibility to produce extraordinary resistant and solid polymers, too. Thanks to this technology Slovnaft Petrochemicals Company developed another novelty: a new type of collision proof blocked copolymer Tatren IM 25 75.

It is used mainly in the manufacture of thick-walled products such as storage and transport containers with various sizes and shapes, single-shot containers for medical waste, crates and solid packages, garden machinery, technical pressed materials and multi-purpose products for household and kitchen. It is often used for the production of components for automobile industry. Tatren IM 25 75 is suitable also for the products which contact the foodstuffs and also meets EN 71-3 regulation on toys safety.