Shipments of R&P POLYPLASTIC materials to Latvia increased by 2,5 times in 2021

Shipments of R&P POLYPLASTIC…

This year R&P POLYPLASTIC has started regular large-scale deliveries to one of the largest Baltic molders. The new material was specially developed for production of industrial fans. Previously, only universal and flame retardant polyamide compounds of R&P POLYPLASTIC were supplied to the Baltics.

Participation in this large project allowed to substantially increase shipments of thermostabilized Armamid PA6 GF 25-1HS to Latvia in 2021, R&D specialists of R&P POLYPLASTIC developed this grade in full compliance with strict requirements of the end user located in Central Europe.
“Material for industrial fans has to combine thermal stability with the ability of extended operation at elevated temperatures and humidity. Our scientists had to perform a number of life tests in order to attain acceptable parameters”, says Pavel Kruglov, Director General of Polyplastic Trading House.

Successful tests of the new material took place in 2020 with first large-scale regular deliveries starting this spring. By the end of the year 2021 total volume of shipments of this grade has reached several hundred tons.

“Currently R&P POLYPLASTIC is supplying three grades of glass-reinforced polyamide compounds to the Baltic states. These universal, flame retardant and special thermostabilized materials find their application in mechanical engineering, E&E, railways, and consumer goods manufacturing”, notes Aleksandrs Sergejevs, Sales Director of SIA POLYSTYLEX, official distributor of R&P POLYPLASTIC in Baltic states.

It is worth mentioning that SIA POLYSTYLEX was the first company to start active international sales of the materials produced by Russian compounding market leader. Primary tests of the materials took place in spring 2018 followed by the first commercial delivery of a polyamide-based grade in just a month’s time.