SABIC cooperates with Mauser

SABIC cooperates with Mauser
SABIC partners with Mauser to develop high-performance, cost-effective granulated HDPE for industrial containers.

SABIC, a global plastics industry leader, today announced that its high-performance SABIC HDPE ICP 5602 material for industrial containers is now commercially available. The breakthrough high-density polyethylene (HDPE) – developed collaboratively with Mauser, a leading producer of industrial packaging - is designed for blow moulding of tight head drums with a capacity of 25 to 220 litres. SABIC HDPE ICP 5602 resin combines very high impact and rigidity with excellent processing performance and optimal resistance to stress cracks and chemicals. Most significantly, this material delivers improved melt flow for higher productivity and reduced energy usage, and its granular form – a departure from traditional powders – prevents waste, increases machine efficiency and permits safer product handling.

SABIC HDPE ICP 5602 resin is designed to be used for the production of UN-approved containers – subject to government approvals and registrations. Its excellent performance meets the UN-requirements for plastics packaging. Therefore it is ideal for storage and transport of high-value or hazardous liquids. In addition the material is approved for food contact applications.

“Mauser takes pride in providing packaging and services that combine cost effectiveness with high performance and environmental protection,” said Wim Bloks, head of global Procurement within Mauser. “When we identified a need for an improved resin technology that could match our sustainable expectations, we turned to SABIC for their expertise, innovation and responsiveness to our needs. The granulated HDPE that SABIC developed in close cooperation with our product development and operational processing experts met all of our requirements – including a reliable, long-term source of supply. This material is making a positive impact on our manufacturing and sustainability performance, while satisfying customer demand.”

By utilising the new SABIC HDPE resin grade for industrial containers, Mauser has been able to increase efficiency in the production of high level performing tight head drums. Furthermore the granulate form of the material is an advantage in regard to material handling and cleanness in the factories.

“Our industry-leading research and development capabilities enabled SABIC to create a completely new product line in just 18 months,” said Mario Scholle, Business Manager HDPE – SABIC region Europe. “By enhancing performance and processability and even developing a more useful granular form, we met Mauser’s needs for true innovation. This collaboration is now benefiting the entire industrial container industry. Our strategic partnerships with customers are an essential aspect of SABIC’s technological leadership.”


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