Recycling solutions made in Portugal

Recycling solutions made in…

Plasmaq is a Portuguese supplier of solutions for waste recycling. The company provides complete lines and individual machines such as guillotines, rotary screens, sorting plants, granulators and shredders, washers, flotation tubs, centrifuges, Plascompact screw presses, silos and auxiliary equipment.  Plasmaq lines are in operation in Mexico, Singapore, Spain, UK, Romania, Slovakia and Poland, among others.

In 2022, the company celebrates its 30th year in business as Plasmaq - Máquinas e Equipamentos para a Indústria de Plásticos, Lda.

At Plasmaq, the basis is the concept that waste are new resources and recycling is the future. The other key pillars are understanding the customer's needs, good relationship, and trust. The fundamental principle is: “Our customer's success, is our success, and their peace of mind, is our peace of mind”. For years, the Plasmaq team have been focusing on the energy efficiency of the machines, which is a key factor that really lowers the cost of production. The goal is to deliver machines robust and energy efficient. They are to operate automatically, requiring human intervention only in the first phase - loading.


Looking toward the future with this belief, Plasmaq has been working intensively on the next generation of Plascompact compactors. New solutions have been applied for further performance and durability improvement, and to reduce energy consumption. The result of this work is the newest Plascompact CS 2000, presented at K 2022, with an output of 2000 kg/h.

However, Plasmaq has not focused exclusively on Plascompacts. MRE series shredders and CTR series centrifuges, produced by the factory for many years, have been thoroughly upgraded.

The MRE series are slow-running single-shaft shredders designed for film, stretch, and lumps, but will also work well in paper, wood, or copper processing.

Key parameters include smooth, precise cutting and high performance, with reduced power consumption; as well as control of flake , speed, and the ability to work with a wide range of materials.

Designed for drying or intensive washing of film or hard plastics, the CTR series centrifuges effectively remove dust and paper, thanks to their optimal paddle shape and adjustable angle of inclination. In 2021, they gained a new look and a new feature: water feeding for additional self-cleaning. Combined with a pneumatic opening and a scraper for cleaning the screen, this means exceptional ease of maintenance and time savings. All Plasmaq machines can be connected to a central control system.