R&P Polyplastic in 2021 invested more than 140 thousand € in the development of its R&D Center

R&P Polyplastic in 2021 invested…

The laboratory base of the R&D Center was recently updated by new equipment. One of the main acquisitions was a Shimadzu universal testing machine of a desktop type with an increased traverse travel for carrying out physical and mechanical tests of various materials. The equipment was installed in November.

The testing machine complete with dedicated software has a user-friendly interface. Various accessories such as grips, extensometers, connectors and others, as well as optional software enable one to solve any problem: from routine testing to analysis of new materials.

The machine is equipped with force sensors of 20kN and 0.5kN having accuracy of 0.5% of the force value, which allows testing in a wide range of loads. The thermal chamber of the universal machine makes it possible to perform tensile and flexural tests in the temperature range from -70 to +250 degrees. The wide functionality of contactless video extensometer for measuring longitudinal and transverse deformations allows solving various complex problems, both in research laboratories and in production.

Moreover, this equipment saves up to 10-25% of energy when in a standby mode compared to conventional machines of previous generation. Absolutely, energy saving is one of the priorities for R&P Polyplastic.

“The results are in line with tensile testing standards for plastics, including ISO 527, ASTM D638. The machine enables one to work with A1 type samples with a measuring base of 75 mm", - says Alexander Mavrin, Director of the Scientific and Technical Center for Research and Development of R&P Polyplastic.

Alexander Mavrin also notes that regular investments in modern equipment and the development of the laboratory facilities of R&D Center make it possible to fully apply hi-end technologies in the development of new compounds and therefore to improve the quality of materials that R&P Polyplastic promotes on the market.